Macro in Stencil, revisited

Started by devpods, March 19, 2012, 05:46:29 AM

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Hey guys,

I know this topic has been touched on in numerous threads, and having read them all, there are still a few things stumping me.

I have a project which I have implemented within a stencil. I'd like to open  the main Form in my project. To do this, I *must* do a drop event or a double click event right? Which means, to open my form from the stencil, I DO need to drop a shape on the Drawing. I'd like to know if there is a way to avoid doing this. I know I can do this by going into Macros>>>Stencil>>>ModuleName, but I'm dispatching this stencil to workmates who wouldn't like to do this, and since I can't add a keyboard shortcut because the Stencil is not in the ActiveDocument, I'm stumped.

I read in one of the other threads about someone mentioning that a shape can be deleted upon drop, how is this possible? Or a better alternative, which I read was making a custom menu. This seems ideal, but I have no knowledge as to how to go about creating this. Could someone please help me with this? I'm thinking creating a menu within the DocumentAdded routine in ThisDocument?