Creating Styles in Visio 2010

Started by KirkMorrant, March 21, 2012, 12:21:12 AM

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Help! I am trying to create a custom style in Visio 2010. I have found the style commands (they were all hiding in the "Commands not in the Ribbon" category of the Customize Quick Access toolbar section of the Options dialog box). But when I try to create a style - it gives me the message "A name is required. Enter a name." I HAVE ENTERED A NAME!


I have the same problem and could not find a way of making this work. Instead, my workaround was to use VBA to create the Style.

Application.ActiveDocument.Styles.Add("MyNewStyle1", "", 1, 1, 1)


Thanks for your reply, saveenr. You want to know the really strange thing? My manager CAN create a new style, no problem. And so can one of our colleagues in a different office. It's just MY office PC and my PC at home that can't. I think both PCs had Visio installed from the same installation file, so maybe that has something to do with it.


Are all ServisPacks installed? I can darkly remember, that there was such an issue, but that was fixed in an update somehow.

hth Jumpy