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Started by RodrigoCampos, March 20, 2012, 11:10:41 AM

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I have implemented double-Click on my Visio C# standalone program using this:

But since I started using mouseUp, it stopped working. Anyone have some C# sample code that can show me how I can use "double mouseUp" to implement doubleClick?Is this possible?

Thank you in advance,
Rodrigo Campos


I found out the solution :)

        private DateTime firstClick = DateTime.Now;

        private void axDrawingControl1_MouseUpEvent(object sender, AxMicrosoft.Office.Interop.VisOcx.EVisOcx_MouseUpEvent e)
            if (DateTime.Now < firstClick.AddMilliseconds(SystemInformation.DoubleClickTime))
                ShapeDoubleClick(sender, e);

            firstClick = DateTime.Now;