Workflow help please!

Started by Rudolph, March 07, 2012, 08:50:50 PM

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1.Users logon to their workstations
2.A VB login script is automatically executed opening their IE in Kiosk mode and directing it to the TOTD URL
3.On the server the PHP script executes 3.1 It loads a list of all the JPG images from a particular subfolder ("Platinum" by default) - this can be changed to another subfolder per URL parameter 3.2 Then investigates each file of which the name should be in YYYYMMDD format 3.3 It then finds the index of the last current file (file with a name equal to today or earlier's date) 3.4 It then populate HTML with the file found in 3.3. and gives the user the option to browse to earlier files.

i have know idea what to do please can someone help me im a newbie to this!email me at