Eternal Cross-functional flowchart option window (Visio 2003)

Started by Michael, December 30, 2010, 03:16:21 PM

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I've got a set of diagrams which, every time I open them, present me with the Cross-functional flowchart option window, and I can't see any option within Visio to disable it.

It's not every diagram - I can create new diagrams without this option popping up, but it's annoying enough to be irritating. Is there an hidden switch somewhere or is this a registry job?



OK - I know it's probably not considered good form to reply to your own posts but I've been digging around with this for a while and found (myself) a work-around.

My starting point was,

and I moved on from there.

None of the offered solutions worked - the "xml" solution produced a massive file editable, indeed, in a text editor, but I really didn't know what I was looking for (I deleted what seemed the right tag but upon recompiling got an error message about mismatched tags, so left that one alone. It may well work and I may go back to try later (but probably not...)).

I WAS able to delete the "Persistent Events" as suggested and, upon quitting Visio, was prompted to save the file, so it had obviously picked up the changes.

However, upon reloading (just that solitary file), the cross-functional flowchart re-appeared. It seemed to be saved as a "Persistent Event" - or there was an instruction to load it as a "Persistent Event" (again).

The "Work Around" was to change the "Persistent Event" to an event I wasn't using (I chose Master Added). Now the file loads and it still loads the CFF as a "Persistent Event", but at least now the CFF doesn't pop up every time I load the file.

I realise, of course, if I (or anybody using this solution) need to use "Master Added" in the future, there will be a need to chose another event - or dig deeper and find the root cause; find out exactly where the instruction to load a "Persistent Event" is coming from (it MAY be somewhere near the code that loads the stencils because I noticed that if I deleted the stencil I was using (a personal one) then saved the file, that, too, loaded itself with the file; it may, of course, be completely unrelated) .