Trying to access printer margins...

Started by Bubba2413, February 19, 2012, 06:39:32 PM

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ok.. so Windows printer drivers appear to have information in them regarding printer capabilities.  I'm trying to create a dynamic page border as a template that will always match the selected printers' minimum border.  Or maybe I'm confused and need to understand how to match/change the pagebreak areas (greyed area) in the print preview view.

Most printers seem to have this set at .25" for all sides, but some can print edge to edge, and others at varying distances from the page edge.   What I'd like to have is a border that always prints at .25" from the physical papers' edge (or as close as the prnter will allow if more than that).  I'm sure the pagebreak area and printer margins are not the same, but how do I reference/set them in a shapesheet?