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Started by jack7144, March 02, 2012, 06:14:16 PM

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Just had Visio 2010 installed.  Could not get Corss-Functional Template to work until I found the "Enable Automation Events" at the bottom of the Options/Advanced dialog box.  So at least that works.  Now I have an issue with the arrows not snapping to the shapes.  The red linking constructs do not work and the arrow, while finding the connecting point does not lock.  So when I have to move a shape or resice a swim-lane lots of things move to accomodate except the arrows.  Helllllpppp!!!

Paul Herber

"Enable Automation Events" should be set by default. Is this a brand new install? By whom?
I think something has messed up your Glue settings as well, look at the Snap and Glue settings, maybe Glue has been turned off.
It's taken the usual 10 minutes to find what should be a simple menu in Visio 2010. Of course, it's on the View menu, silly me, click on the arrow next to Visual aids.
Sounds to me like somebody has been messing around with your Visio installation.
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