Ideal size/scale for master shapes

Started by normschaef, February 03, 2012, 10:11:54 PM

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In AutoCad and similar applications, you draw an object full size, then use the viewports and plot settings to scale the drawing.

In Visio it seems that many objects (like furniture) are scaled reasonably on a sheet, even if No Scale is declared on the Page Setup > Drawing Scale tab.

Recently, I created some master shapes after setting the Drawing Scale to 1/4"-1'. When I dragged them to a sheet that is set to the default of No Scale, they were huge. Of course when I set the drawing to 1/4"-1' it was ok.

On one master I created I did the scale calculations in my head and drew the object with No Scale turned on, but technically I created it at 1/4"-1'. When I drag that master onto the page it is fine at no scale as well as with some drawing scale selected. Am I going about this the correct way?