Custom Connector Behaviours

Started by abdawg, January 23, 2012, 01:37:17 AM

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I've recently started using Visio to create a wiring diagram template and am currently stuck on connectors. Due to the nature of wiring diagrams I've been having problems creating connectors to meet my ideal behaviour as shown in the attached picture.

Ideally I require my connector to -
1. Not run collinear (overlap) to eachother
2. Start horizontal and then turn right angle towards the end of the connector instead of the beginning
3. Avoid unncessary and multiple jumps

I have tried using the built-in behaviours and routes but they are unable to meet my requirements and tend to behave incosistent. Any links to guides or tutorials in creating custom connection behaviours that can meet my requiements is also appreciated.



From my are going to need to do something like these
(I extended June the Seconds ISO stuff)

Right click / double clikc the lower connectors and play with angle, offset, etc

Dont need all the bells and whistles but give you the idea of what you need to do in the shapesheet
(note if you are really doing right angles....math gets much simpler)


Thanks heaps for the help and quick response. I'll see how they go. Cheers