Virtualisation diagrams

Started by womblefox, January 16, 2012, 11:42:29 AM

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I'm interested in opinions on how to visualise Virtual environments - eg Vmware, Hyper-V. I'm giving presentations to non technical people and I'm constantly trying to find the best way to show how a virtual environment relates to the physical hardware. I always end up drawing a flat arrow up from the server(s) to show the logical Vmware environment (a bit like how VMware do their diagrams). However sometimes I think it looks a bit messy. Failing having two separate diagrams - Virtual and Physical - does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? or i the way i'm doing it the only way in do it? :)


You might check this out
I've always admired the graphic Chris put together for the start of the article



google VREEM.....that has alot of virtualization shapes for visio