moving and repositioning a selection of objects , connecting line distort

Started by krazykat, January 12, 2012, 01:26:33 AM

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I have a problem with moving and repositioning a selection of objects and the connecting lines are distorted after the repositioning.  Hard to explain, so here are some screen shots:
I have no idea what changes were made to cause this problem and it only affects certain portions of the drawing.

Thanks , in advance, for any suggestions, or thoughts

Thanks - here are the screen shots

1.  Before selection:

(Screen shots are attached)

2.   Make selection:

3.     Move selection
Notice some connection lines move, some do not , some are distorted and some connect to different points.

4.   Remove selection box outline:
No change.

5.   "CTRL Z" to un-do the process:

Compare to step  1.   What a mess !!  The un-do does not return to the start.  In fact the only way to get back to the original is to da a "close, without changes" and reopen file.  I have tried changing glue snap settings, but have not been able to cure the problem.   

(Went over number of attachnments allowed. can send number 5 as a reply)


Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda