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Theme tech docs?
« on: January 14, 2012, 10:47:28 PM »
Does anyone know of any comprehensive doc on V2007/2010 Themes functionality?  I mean, a single coherent doc covering the entire scope of Themes from top to bottom.  Topics such as:

-- Complete story on where themes are represented in the object model.  Evidently custom theme data is stored in relevant cells of Masters. (But I can already see some wrinkles beyond that. And probably the standard non-custom themes are in some template file somewhere, etc).

-- Are themes all-or-nothing, or is there a way to spec that only some theme items should be applied?

-- What exactly is the UI behavior regarding Themes -- such as stuffing THEME or THEMEGUARD functions into shapesheet cells. And how does this vary depending on mode or whatever.

-- Shapesheet accommodation of themes (cells, functions, etc)

-- WTF the particular set of theme colors presented on the color drop-down widget means, not to mention how to get just a list of the boring old standard colors including plain White and Black (grrrrr)

-- Description of the entanglements (or not) between the Theme system and the Style system?  (And official R.I.P. for Color Schemes I assume?)

Just to be clear, I'm asking whether there are actual docs on this, either from MS, or from someone who's investigated this in depth -- I don't want to prompt anyone to a lot of effort to answer individual items listed above (except for the "WTF" :-) ), these are just examples showing the scope of the hoped-for docs that I haven't yet stumbled across.


-- Graham