Author Topic: Drop down from a shape in a webpage  (Read 2638 times)

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Drop down from a shape in a webpage
« on: January 09, 2012, 06:28:57 PM »
Hi guys

I would like to create a diagram that will have 3 pages for each of the Types (A,B, & C) with its changes for each type on the right area where the chevrons are once each type is clicked(hyperlinked).

Now this is going to be used in a webpage and since new extra data will be added to the Type area I will need to change the design from highlighted areas  for A, B & C to a preferable dropdown list.

Is it possible to have a dropdown list from the shape name TYPE in this case that will let the web user choose from type A,B, C etc and then show the triggered page as works with hyperlinking them.

I mean having a dropdown and avoiding the extra shapes for A,B,C and any new data(shapes) that I will have in the future to be used.

Hope that it does make sense, please see attached document for reference.

Many thanks!