Author Topic: Is it possible to disable the hourglass cursor when changing shape data  (Read 2180 times)

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Short Question
Is it possible to remove the hourglass cursor when changing shape data (ie User Defined cells, fill color etc...) programmatically?

I am attempting to use Visio as a front end to view real time data retrieved from other local processes or systems on a local intranet.  At this point in time I am using COM control via Python with much success.  I am able to read all of the shapes and update them with no trouble, even at high rates of change.  I am also looking into socket connections via wsock to remove the COM processing in the near future.  While the control of Visio is great with COM and VBA, I cannot get over how annoying it is that EVERY time a shape's data is changed (written to) the mouse turns to the hourglass then back to the arrow.  The mouse is still 100% functional and does not hinder normal operation; it is just very distracting and would be embarrassing to send to a client. 

I have confirmed these issues both when a shape is changed via a COM interface or a VBA script.  Attached I have a sample of the VBA timer causing the hourglass change to help demonstrate what I am talking about.  Note that COM control does the same thing.  It seems that all of the MS Office suites have this kind of capability using the fmMousePointer Property, but I assume that because Visio was acquired and is not really part of the Office suite I shouldn't be too surprised...

System Information
OS: Windows 7 (64bit development, 32bit support needed as well)
Visio Version: 2010 Professional (32bit)
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