Author Topic: =GetVal(Prop._VisDM_F1) does not refresh even though F1 External Data does  (Read 1806 times)

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I have a plug in to Visio (LeanView) that has proprietary shapes that I am trying to pull in external values to. 

It works one time with =GetVal(Prop._VisDM_F1) but when I use Refresh All it only refrershed the External Values (F1) but not the GetVal function.  If I go into the field on the Shape Sheet where this formula is located and go into the formula (F2) and hit enter, then it updates.....Is there a way I can automatically have the GetVal function refresh when I refresh the external datalink?

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Hi nlagerwey. Don't know if you have solved your problem yet, and your question doesn't contain quite enough info for me to be sure of the answer. 
However, a couple of clues.  It's possible that the DEPENDSON function might help out with this problem, so take a look at the docs fir that:

If the problem is that some external data has updated, and the shapesheet didn't notice at all, then this is not so much a problem a shapesheet problem, but rather a general problem of notifying the drawing to re-read the external data source and update its calculations.  In that case, once you identify some mechanism for noticing that external data has changed then you can use that mechanism to change some cell in the drawing (perhaps "User.ExternalDataChanged" on the page or document sheet), and use DEPENDSON in relevant cells to reference that "User.ExternalDataChanged" cell, so they recalc.
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