Author Topic: How to Detect if Shape Layer is On or Off with Custom Formula in ShapeSheet  (Read 1869 times)

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So I'm not sure if this should have gone in the code section or this section but since I was dealing with shapsheets I figured I might try here. 

I have 2 shapes that each have a number (Lets call it Shape1 and Shape2).  I want my 3rd shape (Lets call it ShapeSum) to add the values together and show a total (I have that part down already).  I also want the SumShape to detect if Shape1 and Shape2 have their visibility on or off based on their layer properties.  That way the 3rd shape won't add the values from shapes that aren't visible.


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shape layers are managed in the Pagesheet (the page shapesheet) and are not visible to the shapes. However you can add shapedata properties to the page that mirror the layer visibility and that is visible.