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Shapes.Count arguments and options
« on: May 05, 2008, 01:20:51 AM »
There are numerous cases where we need to loop through all the shapes on a page, including nested shapes within nested groups.

Since such operations can be lengthy, it would be nice to know up front how many total shapes there are in a page, or group, so that an intelligent status bar can be built, or so that the user can be asked "do you really want to loop through 10,000 shapes?"

So, it would be nice to have some options in the various Shapes.Count properties:

  • Recurse Master-instances - stop searching at the master-instance level. Treat an instance as "sealed", and don't dive in.
  • Recurse Data Graphics - Data Graphics are either completely ignored or only reported as a single shape

Such options might also be useful for methods such as CreateSelection as well.
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