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Peculiar Behavior
« on: October 18, 2011, 12:16:56 PM »
I have been using Visio for many years and love the product.. I've been drinking the kool-aid for a while. I have some peculiar issue though.

I will attempt to describe my issue as best I can as it's pretty strange behavior.


I use a few Macros in my document, FitToPage for example is one and a few others. I used to use the Toggle Layer button as well but not of lately. I also use attempt to use standard stencils but sometimes I have to create me own.


My issue is completely isolated to shapes window. When I load up my document the shape windows has two stencils available to use. When I select a stencil that is NOT the one in my current  view the shape window disappears or freezes completely. I can then select the open/close shape window icon to refresh the shape window and I now have access to the icons in the stencil. It appears that several of my windows have issue similar to that of the shape window. the size and position window will often NOT allow me to re-size it.

I have loaded up a blank (with out macros) document and I have the problem. When I emailed the same documentation to other users there is no is no issues.

So if anyone has seen this please let me know if there is a fix. It's not preventing me from working just a annoyance.

Thanks in advance..