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Started by Will O, September 13, 2011, 07:18:21 PM

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Will O

I imagine there is a simple solution to this, however, I haven't been able to figure it out.

As I was creating shapes on my drawing and then dragging them to the stencil to create a master, I would rename each iteration of the master as the object I intended it to be when it was finally done.  For example, I would create a traffic cone, drag it to my stencil, and rename it "Cone".  If I later modified this cone, I would do so in the drawing window then drag a new copy to the stencil.  I would delete the old Cone and rename the new one as "Cone".  Visio would add a .X to the end of the shape name, and I assumed that I would be able to modify this later. 

So now I have finished all of the final versions of the shapes I was creating and have a stencil full of names with .X added on the end.  I'm not sure how to change the name as anytime I attempt to rename it by removing the number at the end I am unable to.  I went through the drawing explorer and deleted all of the unused duplicates under the Masters folder but still cannot figure out why I am unable to rename my shapes to their name minus the number added by Visio.

I did a search and found the naming bug regarding NameU but did not believe my issue was related; perhaps I am wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Paul Herber

This probably is due to the Name/NameU problem. May I suggest you download my utilities at
Select menu SuperUtilities -> Stencil -> Stencil Report menu you will get a report of all the shapes with the open stencil(s).
If any of the shapes' Name/NameU don't match you will be asked if you want to change them "Say No All" initially just to get the report.
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