Visio 2010 Auto Add Shape Problem

Started by mr-tom, August 31, 2011, 08:26:28 AM

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I've searched for a solution to this problem, I suspect I am using the wrong terms as I have not had any luck - if I've somehow missed the obvious, please accept my apologies and point me in the right direction.  :-[

Any way, Visio 2010 shapes function differently to those in Visio 2002, in that when you mouse over a shape, you get an arrow on each side of the shape, which when clicked allows you to quickly add more shapes and connectors.

In theory this is a lovely function, but I find it the height of annoyance as I frequently select it by accident when trying to move or resize existing shapes.  I then end up with unwanted shapes on my diagram and my carefully positioned existing shapes moved to make way for them.

Does any body know:
(1) What this function is called?
(2) How I can turn it off?

Many thanks,


Will O

Hey Tom,

Under the View tab, uncheck "AutoConnect" in the Visual Aids section.  Alternatively, uncheck Glue in the Visual Aids menu.