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Started by drewdb, September 07, 2008, 11:26:32 PM

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Hi to all again,

Is there a command within the shapesheet to ungroup a master?

I have a master that is made up of other masters and i would like it to ungroup on the drop event hopefully without using VBA. I've seen how to do it with VBA but i would prefer the shapesheet if i can.


My first guess is No, not in the shapesheet.  But, if you have vba code, you might try executing it by adding the Runaddon function in the EventDrop cell of the Events section.  It might work.  The problem that I see, as soon as you ungroup, the shapesheet for that group vaporizes!  Worth a try.

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Thanks for that. I was hoping to avoid VBA on this one.

The master doesn't have any shape data or shapesheet info but each sub shape does. Once i drop it on the drawing i can select ungroup and it reveals everything but i'm hoping to make this auto to the user without VBA.

Thanks again, i'll keep looking


You can't do this without code...

You said you saw how to do it with code, I would still like to point to the following topic, just in case:

- Lars

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This formula will also work, to some extent.

EventDrop = DOCMD(1052)

You will still be asked; "Do you want to sever the instance from the master", because ungrouping an instance on the page kills all inheritance from the master shape. This warning message can be strange and scary to novice users, so you will want to be sure and explain it to them in advance.

Also, I have a video of a prototype "assembly dropper" that I was thinking about developing--if the right amount of interest/funding were to come along.

See this link: Dropping Predefined Shape Assemblies
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Thanks for that guys.

I feared that it was not possible in the ShapeSheet but worth an ask anyway.
Your link Lars-Erik, was in fact the one that I saw and went with, I don't want the users to get the warning message.

I'm still learing but I hope I can contribute here one day.