Visio Technical vs Visio 2007

Started by laesx, April 23, 2008, 09:31:21 PM

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Is Visio Technical incorporated into Visio 2007?

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Is Visio Technical incorporated into Visio 2007?


As far as i can see (google) it is. It looks like the functions described as "Visio technical" are now standard functions within Visio.
A few examples:
- templates for HVAC, Piping and instrumentation etc.
- importing dwg files
- reporting functions
- layer handling...

Looks like Visio Technical is long gone...
QuoteIntel Pentium (minimum) 166MHz or better CPU recommended
looks like Technical disappeared around 1999
QuoteMarch 30, 1999: the high-end eVisio Everything package, which includes every shape, wizard and add-on that is currently available in Visio Standard 5.0c, Visio Technical 5.0 Plus and Visio Professional 5.0c.

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Lars-Erik is right. (Most of) the Visio Technical content was blended into Visio Professional when Microsoft went to two editions of Visio. It's possible that some features just got cut, or sent to Visio for Enterprise Architects, but I doubt the latter. The high-end features of the old Visio Pro probably ended up in Enterprise.

There is a feature-comparison matrix here:
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Thank you very much for all ya all's replies.  Much appreciated!!