Visio 2003 function missing in 2007 - Arc Control Points

Started by alexburn, June 21, 2011, 10:54:52 AM

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There seems to be a feature missing in 2007 that I found really useful in 2003. Can anyone please confirm or advise a work-around?

When drawing multiple arcs and connecting together to form one big arc or 'S' bend, you used to be able to hover over the final shape and diamond shaped control points would appear to amend the size of the individual bends. However, in 2008, nothing happens when you hover over the final shape and there does not seem to be any sort of edit points function.

Any help appreciated.


Visio Guy

Hi Alex,

I've not been able to find a way to visually drag out the arc tangent/eccentricity handles from curves created by the pencil tool. The pencil tool creates circular arcs by default, so these handles are stacked on top of the arc position handle, and don't seem to be accessible. You will see the tangent/eccentricity handles if you draw curves using the arc tool, then switch to the pencil tool and click one of the arc position handles.

For pencil tool curves, this is what I do (sadly):

1. Draw some curves with the pencil tool
2. Show the ShapeSheet
3. Find the Geometry row that defines the "EllipticalArcTo" that I am interested in.
4. Enter a "crazy" value in the D cell for the row. 0.5 or 2 seem to work well.

Step 4 changes the eccentricity of the arc so that it is no longer circular, and you will be able to access your tangent/eccentricity handles.

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Thanks VG, this is a great work around...

PS:- any luck with our camera view tool (atec security)?  :D We are eagerly awaiting to see what you can do for us!