How to Hyperlink pages in different visio files

Started by RGupta, July 06, 2011, 05:47:02 AM

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I am having issue with Visio while using the hyperlink when i generate the web page of the Visio file.
I am using BPMN diagram in Visio 2010 & have 5 different Visio files, each having about 30+ processes documented.
For illustration only:
Let's say, I have created 4 files:
1st File "Plan": which has following collapsed sub-processes:  A--> B --> C?
2nd File "Planning Activities - A": which has following tasks:  A1--> A2-->A3
3rd File "Planning Activities - B": which has following tasks:  B1--> B2-->B3?
4th File "Planning Activities - C": which has following tasks:  C1--> C2-->C3?
I have linked collapsed sub-process "A" within 1st file with the sub-process worksheet saved in 2nd file to give a blown-up view of expanded sub-process "A". Similarly I have done it for collapsed sub-process "B" as well as collapsed sub-process "C" in 1st file i.e. linked each to its blown-up view in other Visio 2010 file.

Since 1st file is the parent file, I am trying to save that as web page (*.html).

When i open the saved web page and click on the collapsed sub-process "A" it opens the Visio file for "Planning Activities - A", instead it showing it on HTML so that I can view A1 on html and then navigate back to A-> B-> C diagram.

Ideally, when I save as the parent file in html format, data from the entire downstream Visio file should also be saved as html content with configured hyperlinks.

Appreciate if you can suggest a work around.

Rahul Gupta