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Started by P2P, May 14, 2011, 11:49:15 PM

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Visio has a default Vertical Baseline shape found under Dimensioning-Architectural and I've used it many times.  However, it works from bottom to top.  What do I need to do in order to use it top to bottom?  You can't flip it vertical because it seems to break the shape.  Anyone know?



Hmmmm.   ???

Flipped for me.  Drag a new instance of the shape from stencil (or duplicate an existing instance) and place it un-attached to anything on the drawing page.  <Cntl>+J will flip it vertically.  Doesn't break.

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I think he wants the drawing base to switch (i.e. the 0 axis to be at the top of the drawing, not the bottom). The [0,0] point is bottom-left, not top-left....



That's what cntl+J does.  Preserves the left-right orientation, and flips the top and bottom.  Now the shape origin is upper - left and the dimension shape will expand downward.  Like all of the other dimensioning shapes, it could be mirrored horizontally with cntl+H or by merely dragging the appropriate control points.

Don't make me draw a picture for this, it's pretty simple!   :o   ;D  Yeah, I know, I'm not near the 1000 word limit for a single picture.   ;)

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