Interactive Flowcharts?

Started by ccampagna, April 20, 2011, 03:47:47 PM

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Does Visio have the ability to do interactive flowcharts, ie to move through the flowchart depending on user input or questions ask? Be able to step through the flowchart sequence with the Tab or some other Key?. For example lets say there is an interactive "When to Retire" flowchart that the user starts. He hits tab, the first shape is highlighted. Then he hits tab the second decision Shape is highlighted and a window pops up asking "Are you 65?" the user hits yes, then the flowchart goes to the section of the flowchart that is related to the steps relating to a 65 year old. etc... Please advise or direct me to a flowcharting tool that can do these types of things. If this is not possible in Visio I have already made the recommendation to add this feature in future version of Visio in another post. I know you can do these types of things with Excel 2010 and some visual basic skills, but I want something that is point and click. Thanks