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Started by sos4visio, March 10, 2011, 08:34:00 PM

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We have a request to design a Greenhouse layout that contains raised beds for the plantings. Some beds have perenniel crops that do not change, but most beds have rotational plantings based on the season.  Each greenhouse has 70 beds that we could give a unique unique Bed ID. The grower would like to fill out either an Excel spreadsheet or Access database with the bed data as they do their plantings and have it linked to a Visio diagram. Ideally, when they open the diagram they know if a bed is empty, planted, ready to harvest or ready to plant --or just query it and fill it out based on some other criteria.
The data fields would be:
Bed ID
Planting Date -- Season determined here (Spring begins 3/21/11, etc) --maybe to support a color change int he diagram for highlighting seasons
Type (eg. Fruit, Leaf, Root, Legume)  -rotation of crops is based on this -- so we could populate the diagram with all beds ready for Root crops.
Projected Harvest Date

We are having a problem envisioning this working with Excel since the planting data for a bed changes often. It's liek we need a database for a particular bed instead.
Can anyone advise us as to which direction we should go with this or direct us to any examples? Thanks



I would use a MS Acess database , you can link your Visio shapes to a table within the database .. use the database wizard in Visio addons to do so.  You can link multiple fields of a table  to specific attributes of the shapes.