VBA Fail to initialise or not installed Visio 2007

Started by cliff50, March 21, 2011, 02:08:56 AM

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I have visio 2007 and 2003.

in visio 2007 have a .VSD document with VBA code and security password to enter that area.

Visio 2007
scenario #1
1 Open the doc
2 run macros  ( no errors)
3 save doc
4 can open it again no errors

Visio 2007
scenario #2
1 Open the doc
2 run macros  ( no errors)
3 Tools-> macros -> password enter VBA environment
4 DONT compile the VBA environment (even though I change nothing)
5 save doc
6 reopen the doc and try to open the VBA area .. its says  "VBA Fail to initialise or not installed "

This is perculiar to Vis 2007  .. Vis2003 and 2002 do not react this way.
the only way I can avoid this is to ensure that the VBA environment is compiled every time before a save.

it seems the moment you "crack" into the VBA area of Vis2007 you must complie it before saving else you will never be ablke to open it again.

anyone else have similar problem?


reference to Visio pro 2007
still trying to fault find this one, my gut feel its in the reference libraries.
When I uncheck "Microsoft outlook 12 library..." the app become more. I can't say entirely stable because I have to do many repeats under all circumstances to be 100% correct.
But I know there are a few developers out there that have noted this problem.

also if you hit a debug in the code at any time during run time you must compile before save.