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Started by bbrundell, March 23, 2011, 01:27:42 PM

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Hello all:

I'm an occasional user of Visio and have been able to get by for the last few years.  I'm working on a Metro-style map, and am looking for some help to customise/develop some modifications of existing shapes.  The two shapes are:

- The 90 degree angles.  I'm trying to understand how to modify this to have a 45 degree angle as well so I can create a spur from the main rail track at 45 degrees.  (I know I can do this by adding a rounded-end line, but want the finess of a nice curve!)
- The stop callout: This looks like a small triangle, and I would like to have a rectangle at this point instead.

The aim is to produce a London Tube Map-style drawing, and these two points would make it complete for me.

Any pointers would be appreciated.




This might give you some ideas....based on Junes stuff

I have a bunch of other if you post a picture of what you are looking for...maybe I have something that could help


double click / rigth click to "tune" how you want them to behave


I thought I remembered this one from David Edson's book



Thanks for your replies.  I'd like to keep using the Metro stencil as I've been able to get most of the work done in that so aim is to print this rather than use it programatically like David's.

Vojo: I'm looking for a 45 degree angle a bit like those used in the bottom left corner of David's diagram for the airport...a 45* angle with a slight curve, rather than a 90* angle available in the Metro shapes.  In terms of callouts, I'd like to use the Metro shapes (same characteristics of always-horizontal text and marker shape stays the same) but with a block (like David's) rather than a triangle.

Aledlund: It's great to see that diagram and that's what I'm aiming for, but don't need the application sat behind it.  It does show it's possible in Visio.  Thanks.

Thanks, both, for your responses.