AutoConnect Connector Length

Started by cclarkson, April 05, 2011, 02:34:34 AM

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Hi There,

I'm new to Visio and foudn one oher post regarding this topic but it didn't have the answer I needed.  I would like to use the auto connect feature to build a nicely aligned and consistent diagram but the connectors are too long.  Is there any way to set the autoconnect connector length? Specific instructions would be very helpful...


Clint C.


what version of Visio are you using ?.. the auto connect feature is in 2007 .. alignement of shapes and distribution can be found  on the toolbar ..Shapes-> alignment  or Shapes ->distribution..

example.. place three identical size rectangles at various positions on the page.. select all three rectangles ( hold cntrl button down and then click on each rectangle).. at this point all rectangles are then selected ... now release cntrl button and then.. Shapes -> alignement and select one of the alignement options.. the rectangles will then rearrange accordingly..similar operation for distribution.. to auto connect use the auto connect feature  if you have 2007. if not try the View-> toolbars-> snap and glue toolbar


Hi Cliff,

Thanks for the reply.  My apologies - I should have specified I'm using Visio 2010.

None-the-less, your instruction lead me to the answer.  The autoconnect spacing can be adjusted here:

1. Ribbon HOME tab
2. Arrange group
3. Position Drop-down list
4. Spacing Options

Thanks again and have a great day!

Clint C.