Irritating small buggs, been there forever.

Started by TomasL, March 08, 2011, 08:38:14 AM

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Using Visio 2k10 for a while, and there still is some very irritating Bugs, that been there forever (at-least since 2k, cant remember if they were there pre-MS though)

In shapesheet, when Adding, Deleting Rows, as well as changing Row-Type, Visio Either unfolds all section or folds them, very irritating that you need to find the section and row one are working on, especially if one have some 30+ Geometry sections.

Still in Shapesheet, on the formula entry row, underscores "_" are displayed as space " ", and Commas "," as dots "."

Cut and paste does not woerk very well, ctrl-X/C/V seems to work, but not Right-klick

The "Auto-Connect" feature (or bug as I see it) that connects shapes seemingly randomly, when dropped on a page, how on earth do I shut it of, cant find it.

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