HELP! - Visio documents dropping SharePoint meta-data on Save

Started by vanncad, January 11, 2011, 01:21:23 PM

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I am using Visio 2007 and SharePoint WSS 3.0.
I have about 20 collaborators editing Visio flowcharts that are published quarterly. I use SharePoint libraries and custom meta-data fields to control the flow and status of the documentation as it goes through the publishing cycle.

I have recently run into a problem where my Visio document's meta-data revert to default values when I click Save in the Visio application.

The problem seems to be isolated to SharePoint WSS 3.0 and Visio 2007/2010.
I did not have this problem with Visio 2003, and MS Support has said that the problem does not occur with Visio 2007/2010 documents in SharePoint 2010.

The Problem:
As soon as I open a Visio document from WSS 3.0 and save it, all of my "Choice" fields revert back to their default settings. All of my "Text" fields retain their data though. This is a very big problem for me.  >:(

The problem is happening on all my SP sites where I have included additional Content Types in the SharePoint libraries (Link to a Document, etc.).
I have removed the additional Content Types from the library, but the Visio problem still persists. Word, Excel, etc. are all working fine.

Visio documents that exist in libraries that only contain the default "Document" Content Type work fine, so I have narrowed the problem down to the interaction between the Visio document and the SharePoint Content Types.

Has anyone else run into this problem or have some ideas I could try?



Did you find a solution for this?  I am have the same problem.


My Visio is doing the same thing. Everytime I save certain shapes show 0's where I had just entered text. If ANYONE finds a solution for this PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!