Adding a certain amount of space between shapes

Started by DomB, January 21, 2011, 09:36:52 AM

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I'm using Visio to design solar panel layouts (plain rectangles in Visio). The panels are layed in rows and need to have 18mm between each of them. Is there a way I can automate that 18mm spacing?

I've tried auto align and auto space etc but not getting very far there

Any help much appreciated!


Thanks - the grid thing there helps a little, but ideally I'd select say 5 rectangles and auto-space them so I get, say, 20mm put between each. I thought that might be what "Spacing Options" (Home Tab > Position > Spacing OPtions") but it doesn't seem to do much there..


got to do a lot of mental math...but

- layout 5 rectangles
- Use align to line them up
- move the last one to where you want last one
- select all
- use will spread out and space them

Of course, you can write a macro to do this....I have done it myself


As a thought you might consider creating a transparent shape of the necessary spacing to place between your panels...


Thanks Vojo,

I like the distribute idea - I'll try that for sure.


I tried what you mentioned there - my main issue was getting the shapes to snap togethor. I've tried all manner of changes under View > Visual Aids to make it so that my two rectangles (one being the panel the other being a spacer) would snap togethor edge against edge but can't get them to do so. Is it because I created the shapes myself? I tried adding connector points and enabling them under visual aids but they still don't 'snap' inline..



Why not use the Visio supplied add-on:  Tools > Add-ons > Visio Extras > Array Shapes.  That allows you to select spacing between shapes, number shapes by rows &/or columns?

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