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Started by xantius, February 14, 2011, 10:12:33 PM

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I'm trying to create a table in Excel, and then  have shapes created that include each line of data sorted by department, and then have all line items that match up under that department underneath it. Even better would be the ability to have a color changing icon next to each line item to show how close we are to completing each project. Example:
Excel table
SalesCreate new logo
HRProject 1
HRProject 2


  • Create new logo
  • Prospect


  • Project 1
  • Project 2

I want to dynamically lay out these projects by department (and possibly other ways, but display them visually). What do you recommend?


Thanks for the links. I think that PivotDiagrams are what I'm needing to use, but what I don't get is how to lay out the line items under each department in a way that packs them close together. RIght now the default is to create each line with it's own large box. These boxes then flow off the page. How would I change the formatting do display this almost like a table with each line item being a cell that is flush up against the other?


you should probably start over here

to better understand the excel materials first