Author Topic: Documented standard for process modeling using people shapes?  (Read 6552 times)

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Documented standard for process modeling using people shapes?
« on: January 10, 2011, 04:52:34 PM »
Visio 2007 has built in people/department shapes in its Work Flow Objects and Deparment shapes. Is there a documented standard of utilizing these shapes in process maps?

I am familiar with UML, BPM, and not sure what it's called but the standard where a diamond is a decision, a square is a process and so on (I'll call it Basic for my purposes). I have settled on a combination of Basic standard and utilizing people/department shapes because my goal is to communicate complex processes to people who have no experience with process modeling. I find that the laymen audience connects well with people/department shapes and it's more intuitive than swim lanes to identify not only what is being doing but who is doing the process/task. My experience is the laymen audience will not only understand, but utilize process maps that uses the people/deparment shapes over the UML, BPM, and Basic standards. Personally I don't need a standard as an individual, but in groups of collaborators it might be worth it.