visio resize isn't working

Started by phoenix, January 06, 2011, 11:49:03 AM

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i've got a little problem and i'd hope you guys could help me with. my current school project requires me to make a class diagram in visio, including all properties/operations etc.
however, when i add functions that are longer then the width of the class, it skips to the next rule, but does NOT auto resize the class.
as a matter of fact, i can't resize in any way except the width; the rest of the blocks are grey

The funny thing is; it used to work when i created this file, but it won't work when i edit it. and i never changed any settings.


post an example here....people are pretty good about reviewing to determine exact problem


ah yes, that'd be usefull. i uploaded the picture to
i've selected a different class then the one i need to resize, but this should make it clearer.