Hyperlinks for Visio Shapes

Started by kkalin, July 25, 2008, 12:42:52 PM

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Does you know how I can create a link for a visio shape? I'm trying to create an office seating chart and I have the employee information in a SharePoint list so I know I can create a hyperlink from an item on the list to a specific Visio shape (cubicle). However, I want to be able to hyperlink in the opposite direction so that if someone clicked on a name/cubicle, it would take them to the specific employee in the list. The shapes are individual shapes so how do I create a hyperlink for each one of them? I was able to figure out how to link one shape to another in the same Visio file, but in this case, I'd need to place the hyperlink to the Visio shape in a SharePoint list so I don't know how to create the actual url for the shape. I was able to link the row data to the shapes so I can go from the shape to the list, but how do I go from the list to the shape? What would the shape url look like in the list? Also, would it be better if my Visio file "lived" in MOSS?