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Started by Aussie Brian, December 09, 2010, 11:10:26 PM

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Aussie Brian

G'Day People.  I've recently changed companies in an IT Support role and I'm getting exposed to Visio use for the first time and I need a little help from people who know the software.

I've had a question relating to trying to get the P&ID templates from the Pro Version into a Standard Version.  The engineer got a print out of the shape templates that he wants to use and when he asked the person he got it from she told him she thought it was built-in to the Pro Version of the software.  I've had a look and it appears to be the case.

Being a noob to Visio I'm not sure if this is possible but my thought process goes along the lines of most Office Products have templates that can be saved and moved between computers, is it possible to save the P&ID Templates from a Pro Version in a way that it can be opened and used in the Standard Version?  If so, how would I go about it?  If not, is there a work around or another suggestion?

I know the perfect solution is to get the Pro Version but there is not the budget to spend $1000 (Aus) on another license as he can do everything he needs with the standard but would like the convenience of those shapes.

Thanks in advance for any help.


v2007 is when Microsoft went back to the original where there are software diffences between the Standard and Professional versions. The P&ID add-in has code associated with the shapes that is part of the Professional product.

Aussie Brian

Al,  Thanks for the reply mate, appreciate it.

Would you know of a work around or if it's possible to convert a PDF into a Visio Template?

He has a nice A3 Print out of the all the shapes so is there any way to scan them into Visio so they are usable?

Apologies if I'm asking something ridiculous.


Wouldn't it be more easy, if the person that gave the printout to your engineer gave him the visio file instead?
You could than put the shapes from that file in your own stencil.
What you won't get is the functionality of thoose shapes because that's, as Al said, stored in an add-in that only comes with the Pro Version.