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Started by enrisa, November 24, 2010, 03:38:20 AM

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I'll be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me out with this as i've spent 2 days fiddling with Visio 2007 and googling for solutions.

1) I've created one vertical flowchart with 3 functional bands. I need to lilnk one of the processes to another new page as it's a longer flow chart. So i used the off page reference shape and I was prompted if i wanted to copy the same flow chart band or leave it blank. I chose blank. So my question is, since my first flow chart is a vertical one, how do I create the second one as a horizontal??

I've tried inserting  horizontal functional bands and flipping my page setup from potrait to landscape but the horizontal functional band automatically changes itself to vertical whenever I tried inserting it. It's driving me nuts :( this leads to my next problem.

2) since I have an off page reference, i'm trying to create all flowcharts in 1 single vsd file, rather than multiple files. So my first flowchart is in named in the first tab as say "Tab1". As I can't seem to create a horizontal flowchart in a new page tab called "tab2" (because of problem 1), so I created it in a separate file. Is there a way to "copy" this new vsd file into "tab2"? Its like how we do it in Excel - move/copy sheet to either current workbook or new workbook?

much appreciated!!


Visio doesn't support simultaneous vertical and horizontal cross functional flowcharts.  Your options are as follows:

1.)  Make all of your processes flow in the same direction.
2.)  Make separate documents for vertical and horizontal, and then copy paste horizontal into the vertical as a new page.
            a)  In the vertical document, create a new page, decline adding flowchart to it (this would be a vertical).  Change the page to landscape.
            b.)  Go the horizontal document, copy the flow chart of interest, you can use <cntl>-A to copy everything.  Paste this into the new page of your vertical doc.

You can add delete steps (shapes) as before, but you can not add more bands.

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