Container resize problems

Started by ukedude, November 22, 2010, 06:30:10 PM

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I like the new Container features in V2010, but I have found a few "features" that do not behave the way I expect.

Here are the steps to recreate the issues.  Perhaps someone can confirm that it works as intended---or not.

  • On a blank drawing, insert a container (any will do).
  • Make the container a little smaller.
  • Add a rectangle to the drawing and make it small enough to fit easily in the container.
  • Add a square to the drawing and make it very small, like 0.25 in.
  • Drag the rectangle into the container.  Works perfectly.
  • Drag the square to the right edge of the container so the edge splits the square
  • If you move the container, the rectangle and square should move.  If you resize the right edge of the container, the square should move.  Works great.
  • Insert another container into the drawing and make it a bit bigger.
  • Drag the first container to the edge of the new container.  Notice that containers (default containers anyway) cannot be attached to the edge of parent containers. I did not expect this limitation.
  • Drag the first container all the way into the large container.  Works like a charm.
  • Select the smaller container and resize it to the right.  As the container reaches the edge of the larger container, the larger container will grow.  This is good.
  • Make the smaller container the original size again, and then the larger container.
  • Select the smaller container and use the arrows keys to nudge the container UP, DOWN, or LEFT.  Notice the larger container grows.  Good, good...
  • Assuming the square is still on the right edge of the smaller container, now move the container RIGHT with the arrow keys.  Notice that the larger container does NOT resize but let's the smaller container walk right out.
  • Reset the containers again.
  • Now set the margin of both containers to 0.5 in and change the Resize behavior or both containers to Always Fit to Contents (both options on the Container Tools ribbon tab). The containers should resize tight with the rectangle and square.
  • Now select the RECTANGLE and use the arrow keys to move RIGHT.  The square is left behind as the smaller container resizes.

That's enough weirdness for now.  Can anyone offer an explanation as to why these are the expected behaviors, or are these bugs?


A little more info...

As it turns out, if the square in the previous examples is attached to a connection point on the smaller container, resize works as expected.  It is only when a shape is attached to the border of a container and NOT on a connection point that the weirdness occurs.

This is too bad.  One of the nice things about container boundary shapes is that it obviates the need for explicit connection points when one want to attach "boundary shapes" (think "ports on a module").  However, parent containers do not resize correctly unless boundary shapes on child containers are bound to connection points.