Rectangle divided in three editable and auto-resizing parts

Started by alex_, November 18, 2010, 10:45:33 AM

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Hi everyone,
I am looking for a Shape für Visio 2010. It's looks quite simple, but didn't manage to finde / create on on my own: A rectangle (horizontal adjustment), which is divided in three parts (also horizontal), so it looks like a rectangle with three lines. Each line can be filled in with information. I need it for a process sheet, where each rectangle represents a step in the process.

The first line (=upper third) of the rectangle is reserved for the role, the second line (=middle third) for the activity and the third line (=lower third) for the needed ressources.

It should look this:

I tried to create such a shape but failed. I connected three rectangles and also drew one on my own, but I couldn't edit the text in a line after I filled it in, so that I have to re-write the whole line each time I want to edit even small typo or so. Also my created rectangles wouldn't connect properly via the quick-shapes mini-toolbar and the lines would not resize, when I entered a longer text.

Maybe someone kwnos where to find a shape like this or knows how to create one, which looks fits my requirements (auto-connect, each part / line is editable, auto-resize)

Thanks in advance!

Paul Herber

I have exactly this shape within my SDL/UML addon for Visio, in UML it is the shape for a class.
You can download it from and just use the class shape in the Object model stencil.
Each section resizes with the text within it.
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Thank You, Paul (also for your quick answer :o)! Almost exactly what I am looking for. Is it possible to resize the lines / cells / parts of the shape? I would like to adjust the shape, so that the middle line ist the biggest, not the top. Event if this ist not possible, this shape will be very useful, so thanks again :)

Paul Herber

Just put a few returns in the middle text area. And select the top section, then menu Format -> Text -> Text Block
and change the top margin from 18pt to 2pt.
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works like a charm, perfect!
Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for :)