Author Topic: Visio 2010 issue: Visio crashes on moving custom stencil window (+workaround)  (Read 5604 times)

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It seems that due to some changes in stencil layout Visio 2010 got some issue with custom stencils
(it crashes on moving custom docked stencil)

To reproduce:

1. Create a new drawing.
2. Add a custom stencil window using the following VBA code (the important part is that window should be of type "visDockedStencilAddon"):
ActiveWindow.Windows.Add "MyWindow", 0, visDockedStencilAddon

3. Drag this new custom stencil window down in vertical direction (using mouse)

4. Visio 2010 crashes  :(

To workaround this you should specify "bstrMergeID" and "bstrMergeClass" for the "add window" function:
ActiveWindow.Windows.Add "MyWindow", 0, visDockedStencilAddon,,,,,"MyWindow","MyWindow"

NB: This worked in Visio 2003, 2007.
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