How to accelerate save process?

Started by megamaniac, January 17, 2011, 02:42:48 PM

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Hello experts!

Some of my Visio Sheets are 100 m² and 80 mb and contain numerous graphics. I save my work progress by autosaving all 3 minutes. The storage process lasts according to document extent > 1 min. In this time the Visio-GUI is locked, what fluent work makes hardly possible.

Windows 7 professional, 64bit
Visio professional 2010 Ultimate german v14.0.5128.5000, 32bit
TripleCore CPU, 8GB-RAM, ...
No use of network devices, external storages, Visio addons, macros.

Unsuccessful attempts
- Saving to RAM disk, bottleneck is CPU performance
- Compression of graphics or the document in Visio
- OLE (see below)

- Is there a patch, macro etc. which accelerates the saving?
- Visio saves with single threading, only one of three CPU cores is used. Is it possible to save in the background or multithreaded?
- Is it possible to integrate graphics by Object linking WITHOUT embedding into Visio (has not succeeded yet)?
- Are there solutions (e.g., revision tools) for incremental saving?
- Is improvement to be expected by change to 64bit (in my case a little bit problematically)?
- Other ideas?

Actual compromise
- Division of big documents into several ones
- Works in a small temporary document with iterative joining in the "rest"

A costly solution might be to intercept the save event by a macro simulate an Object linking before saving. Vice versa while opening.

Thanks for help!!!

Kind regards,