Deleting Shape Data (Custom properties)

Started by Paul Herber, October 27, 2010, 10:26:17 AM

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Paul Herber

When deleting shape data (custom properties) deleting the section then inserting the section restores all the old shape data items. Even if you delete each row in turn, add a new row, delete the section, then insert the section all the old rows come back. This seems to happen in Visio 2003, 2007 and 2010. problem occurs when working with the Shape -> ShapeData menu, from within the shapesheet and also in code. Any ideas?
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Never seen that on 2003.   I know I did that scenario a few times (even groused that properties were lost)
I did see when proporties groups were used, it would munge up with current custom properties....did not do a simple append after last....really sort of sprayed them in there
I dont recall it being alphabetical or anything like that.

Of course, you are aware of the 25 entry rule....only 25 entries at a time....I usually play games with invisible to bring groups of cust props up based on action


Don't know a solution, but have experienced similar behavior with other sections, too, for example Connection Points.
I used to delete all rows, but keep the empty section.

An unproved idea, that just came to mind will writing this: Deleting an eventual Master in Document stencil first? Maybe that is the reason for Visio to "remember" the deleted rows?