OLE Rendering Quality Poor in Visio 2010 - Any techniques for Improvement?

Started by mbrun, September 23, 2010, 03:02:15 PM

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When linking a visio drawing from the source file (file A) into the target file (file B) the rendered image quality of the source in the target file can be quite poor.   

Daily I need to create 42x30 Visio drawings that feature olelinks to pages from other visio drawings.  A major reason for  this is that I need to assembly drawings created at different scales onto a single page that can be published.     One of the biggest problems I have is that the line types other then solid, as they are rendered in the target, appear as a series of scalloped lines instead of matching the straight line segments that are visible in the source file.    And the dots of line patterns appear as random ink blobs rather then filled circles.

It used to be that I could use custom line patterns in Visio 2003 and the rendering was almost an exact match.  Now in 2010 the rendering of both custom line types and built in line types appear on screen and paper just as they would if the printer was defective or not calibrated.   Not professional.

I also notice that copying and pasting the source file strictly as an enhanced metafile also has the same negative effect.

Does anyone know of any Visio or Windows XP settings that can be changed to improve the rendered quality of OLE objects?