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Combining Data for Org Chart
« on: September 20, 2010, 12:42:50 PM »
Hi. I'm new to Visio and finding it a very powerful tool, but also overwhelming. I'm trying to make an organization chart where multiple positions of the same classification reporting to the same supervisor can be combined in one box. For example:

Building Supervisor
06-922  Ed Doe

Building Inspesctor II
01-298  John Doe
02-459  Jane Doe

Building Inspector 1
06-238  Jack Doe
01-299  Judy Doe
03-412  Jason Doe

I would also like to total the postions in each classification within the page somewhere ideally at the bottom. For example:

1- Building Supervsor
2- Building Inspector II
3- Building Inspector I

I'm pulling from an Excel file where the fields from left-to-right are Position Title, Employee Name, Position Number, and Reports To, and using the org chart wizard in Visio. My research so far has found nothing on point and would appreciate any help.