Which shape: Document, Process or Decision?

Started by visnewbie, September 17, 2010, 08:41:19 PM

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What shape(s) should I be using?  Here's the example:  Person 1 goes into a software program and does something.  The system automatically generates a document that is automatically emailed to Person 2.  Person 2 needs to review the document they received and then make a decision.  So, the question is:  what shape(s) represents the actions of Person 2?  Do I break it into 3 shapes?   First, Shape Type=Document with Text=Receive Document.  Then link it to Shape Type=Process with Text=Review Document.  Finally, link to Shape Type=Decision with Text=Document OK?  Thank you.


That depends on what kind of diagram you want to create. EPC, Swimlane, ...
Every type of diagram that can show processes, has it's own rules and philosophy, if I remember correctly what I learned in business classes.


I am using swimlanes.  Person1 is in one department.  Person 2 is an a separate department.  Any recommendations on books that goe beyond the basic "what buttons to push" and talk more about theory?  Thank you.