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Started by sbrownbw, July 14, 2008, 04:57:14 PM

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Is there a simpler way to navigate a drawing than to use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars?  Maybe something that is similar to the "hand" tool when moving around in a .pdf file?


Theres several options:

The pan and zoom window: this will help you navigate the screen by using a small overview panel

Scrolling with your mouse, holding shift will make it scroll horizontally, by default it will scroll verticaly

Turning on scroll-lock will let you navigate the page using your arrow keys.

Holding down your middle mouse key will let you drag around the screen, not like the adobe hand tool, but it moves the direction you move the mouse after pressing down the key. combining this function with shift, will make sure you scroll either only horizontal or vertically.

scrolling while holding down ctrl will zoom in and out. Zooming in will focus on the mouse cursor, so zooming out and in can be a quick way to navigate aswell.

Check them out :) for the "hand" tool, the pan and zoom window will come closest I think, clicking on the page there will let you drag your view around.

- Lars

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Hi sbrownbw,

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O nice, there is a "Hand" tool! I didn't know this one yet.
I suppose the function sbrownbw was looking for is the Pan:

Ctrl + Shift + Right Mouse-drag
Hold down the right mouse-button to push and pull your page to the desired location. You'll see the little hand cursor which lets you know that you're ready to pan.