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Splitting data from graphics
« on: August 13, 2010, 09:09:25 AM »
Let's say you have put already a lot of work in the customisation of a shape and realise that you need additional shapes connected to your basic shape.
You could either
1) Transform your shape into a group (shapes/grouping/ transform into group) but you would then have the graphics in your main shape, which is not always good as this geometry is always on front of the sub-shapes and the maintainability and flexibility suffer from this solution.
2) Group the shape and you get a new shape as parent group and your shape as sub-shape. Disadvantage is that the shape data are now in the sub-shape. Not good.

The solution is simple and obvious:
- Duplicate your initial shape.
- Group the first one, cut the second one from the page, open the first one (edit / group) and insert the cut shape.
- Now open the shapesheet of the group and delete the geometry sections.
- Open the sub-shapes shapesheet and delete the data sections.

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