How do you break a line, Line Break Function

Started by Tcatt, August 06, 2010, 04:39:35 PM

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Is there a line break function in Visio that is similar to ACAD.   If I draw a line and want to break it at a point to split it, etc, how do I do that?



The function is called trim and can be found under menu/operations/trim. Both shapes need to be selected and are cut at the intersections.



I appreciate the reply.

I am familiar with that function, but what I need from time to time is to put a break into a continuous line and insert a symbol, (Valve, etc). change just one portion.

If I draw one continuous line for example, is there a way to insert a break command and split that line in two parts.

When you complete a drawing and have to go back and insert objects, symbols, etc, it is very time consuming. I have just save the visio drawing as a ACAD and modified it that way....still a pain in the neck.



If you want to insert a shape into an existing connector, the process is called connector splitting.  For this to work several things must be enabled (some are by default):

1.  Go to File>Page Setup > Layout and Routing.  Make sure the check box in lower right is selected to Enable connector splitting.

2.  If you are trying to split a connector, it should not require additional step, but, if you are trying to split an ordinary line, then you must select the line, right click > Format > Behavior, then select the Connector can be split by shapes.

3.  For the shape to split the connector, you must make sure it is enabled.  Select desired shape, right click, Format>Behavior and select Shape can split connectors.

That should do it.  Now when you drop the shape on the line or connector, the line will split and reattach it self to the shape.

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How cool is that.
I did not know that you can use any 1D-Shape as "splitable".
I tried even to split a rectangle, that I transformed in a 1D-shape and got smaller rectangles.
not sure if that behaviour can be of any use, but it is cool anyway.



Best solution is to use the "trim" function.  You will probably need to add this to a custom group in the ribbon interface because the ribbon does not include it as a "popular" operation.

To use the trim function, bisect the line or shape that you want to split with another line, then click trim.  This will break everything that crosses the new line, and the line itself, into pieces, which you can then delete or move around independently.

I can not get my shape (valve) to split my lines. I have Enabled connector splitting on my page, ticked "Connector can be split by shapes", and ticked "Shape can split connectors".
My shape is grouped. I have tested the group two ways 1. applied "Shape can split connector to the valve shape 2.  applied "Shape can split connector to the valve shape. Neither worked.


@tomscrace:  Did you follow the 3 steps I provided in my earlier reply?  Sounds like the 1st step is missing.  I just tried what you're trying to do and works fine.
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I was in the Process Engineering environment. Something in there was stopping it from working as expected. I tested it in a blank template and it worked fine.